What to Wear for Your Business Portrait

Everyone has questions about what to wear for their business portrait. While there's no one-size-fits-all answer on what to wear, there are a few tips and considerations to keep in mind when choosing an outfit. Above all, it's important to wear something that you're comfortable in and that captures your personality and business. Your business portrait is part of your brand. If your brand involves wearing bold clothing, than by all means, wear that in the headshot. It'll make the headshot eye-catching and will cement your brand in a potential client's mind. Just keep in mind that certain bright colors, such as pink and yellow, may be very distracting to a client. Dark colors and earth tones are advisable, as they do not distract the eye from your face.

Stick with clothes that fit you. Squeezing into a dress or suit that fit you a few sizes ago is not only uncomfortable for you, it'll make the headshots look stiff and uncomfortable too. The same can be said for clothes that are too big.  Lost a significant amount of weight recently? Have your favorite jacket or pants tailored. It's money well spent when you look and feel great. Focus on the shirt more than the pants or skirt. Most business portraits are of the upper body only. That being said, try not to wear a low cut top or a strapless shirt if you are a woman. Depending on the angle of the photo, it may look as though you are topless, which is probably not the image you want put out there.

Even if you don't wear makeup in everyday life, it's best to put some on for the photo shoot. Professionally done makeup evens out your skin and hides any imperfections. It also prevents you from looking washed out.

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