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Online Dating Photos. Yes, I do!

Is your online dating photo helping or hurting your chance to find love?


Congratulations! You’ve finally summoned up the courage to try online dating.  Match, JDateOurTime, ChristianMingle or eHarmony, or your good, old-fashioned setup, there are so many choices. No matter where you’re looking for love… it’s really, really scary. Maybe you’ve been online dating for a while and haven’t found your “special” person. It can be so discouraging. I know. I’ve been there!* You’re not sure whether it’s your profile doing you in or your profile picture not depicting the real you! Or maybe it’s both! But before throwing in the online dating towel*, read your profile again and ask yourself “ Is this someone I’d like to spend time with”? Do I sound fun, interesting, smart?” Then ask a friend (not the one who neglected to tell you about the spinach stuck between your teeth) to suggest some changes to your profile text and evaluate all your profile photographs.

Here are a few online dating photo no-no’s:

  • You’re so far away from the camera that the viewer can’t see your face.

  • You’re wearing sunglasses or a hat that covers your hair, your face, and your eyes. It’s a dating site, not the National Enquirer!

  • You’re in a group shot with ALL your besties so you’re potential honey can’t figure out which one is you! Imagine the disappointment when they really wanted to date your second friend from the left.

  • You’ve cut your ex out of the photo and it’s pretty obvious. We’ve all had breakups. No need to live in the past.

  • You don’t have a photo at all!!! Really, are you kidding?


According to eHarmony, profiles with photos are 9 times more likely to get communications. And, if you already have photographs on your dating profile the images should be one or more of the following:

  • Face and 3/4 shot

  • Full body shot (you’ll look more fit)

  • Outdoors

  • Solo

Here are a few articles on why having a great online photo will improve your dating experience.

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*I met my handsome husband Joe on Match. We’ll be celebrating ten wonderful years in 2020!