Why wearing makeup will make your business headshots so much better!

The idea of wearing makeup in Western culture, especially in the United States, is fraught with emotion and much debate. I did a quick, unscientific search on Google to see what I would find.  "Whether to wear makeup or not" resulted in more than fifteen pages of results and a ton of other, related topics.

There were lots of articles like Should You Wear Makeup at Work? published in the January 2017 issue of Scientific American, and a recent article in the New York Times Style Magazine, To Wear Makeup or Not to Wear Makeup, with a before and after photo illustration of singer Alicia Keys. What's a professional women to do about whether to wear makeup when it comes to her business headshots?


I've decided to make the decision for you. Well, not really. Actually you've made the decision for yourself. If you're thinking of working with me, or any other professional business headshot photographer, you'll need to dig deep and think what your end game is. Why do you need these business headshots anyway? Do you want more clients? A promotion or advancement in your career? Maybe you want to make more money. Nothing wrong with any of those goals. I’m right there with you! However, I nor any other photographer can guarantee any of these wonderful aspirations happening for you, but I do know putting your best foot (in this case face) forward in your business headshots will go along way.

Maybe you're a staunch feminist and think that wearing makeup objectifies women. I totally get that. I came of age in the 70’s when not wearing a bra, much less makeup, was a right of passage. I understand that going bra-less is back into vogue. Thank god I’m too old for that!

I’ve also had clients tell me that wearing makeup makes them look phony or not who really you are since they rarely if ever wear makeup. That makes total sense. If you don’t wear makeup and start with full on foundation, contouring, blush, eyeshadow and fake eyelashes, I’m pretty sure you’re not going to know who that women is in the mirror, and, maybe no one else will either. But you still want to look your very best in your professional headshots. Here are some suggestions to quell the makeup vs. no makeup debate.

5 reasons why I'm all about you wearing even a little makeup for your business headshot session

You want you to look your very best! We all suffer from blotchy skin, bags under our eyes and thinning eyebrows. A little cover stick and brow pencil can go a long way. And don’t forget the mascara and lip gloss. It just makes for a more polished look.

Digital cameras pick up EVERY LITTLE THING. Modern photography cameras see it all. Porous skin, tiny blemishes and every little scar you've probably forgotten how you got. A small amount of accurately matched foundation carefully applied will tale care of that.

Stage actors wear makeup for a reason. Bright lights in theatrical productions can overwhelm features, making them and you virtually unnoticeable. That goes for photo studio light too. Eyes in particular, the gateway to the soul, can look small and lifeless in digital images. A little eyeshadow and again, mascara can help you stand out and be noticed.

A professional makeup and hair experts know how to make you look like your NOT wearing makeup! Forget about your wedding day when you had your makeup done by a professional makeup artist. She/he did your makeup like you've never worn it before. You looked like something out a glamour magazine. Woo-hoo! But wedding day makeup is not what you'd wear to your office, so why would your business headshot makeup look like your wedding day makeup? It shouldn’t. My makeup and hair professionals know that our photo session is about creating professional business images for Linkedin and your corporate or business website, etc. My Power Session includes light, even makeup coverage, that enhances your looks by NOT changing your looks. When looking at your business headshots photos, no one will ever know that you worked with a professional makeup artist.

Professional photographs ain't cheap! If you're going to go to the expense of spending a few hundred dollars on a professional headshot, why not look you're very best? You've already made up your mind as to why you need those business headshots. Why not take it a small step further by having professional makeup done. You’ll look great. You'll feel great. You’ll exude confidence that will show in your images.

I've never had a client regret having her makeup done. But I have had clients who were super critical of their images when they didn't hire a pro makeup artist. I truly want you to look amazing and I want you to love your photographs!

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