Prepping for your headshot session

Skin and hair tips for great headshots

Here are some tips on prepping your skin and hair for you headshot session, for both women and men.

Hair Prep: Wash your hair the night before with shampoo and conditioner (If your hair is ultra-fine and oil prone, wash in the morning of your headshot session. Apply conditioner from mid-shaft of the hair to the ends (this helps with tangles). If possible, apply a mousse or smoothing cream in the hair when blowing drying.

Skin Prep: Please exfoliate face with a gentle facial scrub once every day until your session to smooth the “canvas” for makeup application. Focus on areas with noticeable pores, oil, around the nose, mouth and on the lips. After cleaning your face, apply toner and/or moisturizer, before applying makeup for your session. If you’ve scheduled The Power Session, please arrive without makeup.

So now your skin and hair look amazing! What’s next? Check out makeup guru Lisa Eldridge’s very basic tutorial My 5 Minute Makeup. And yes, it’s just five minutes. It’s a great start to applying a little makeup to look great for your photo session and for everyday. And do check my "What to Wear" page for additional info and tips.


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