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Headshots for Performance Arts Majors

Headshots for Performing Arts Majors 

If your teen is applying to college and interested in theater or a performance arts program, chances are they'll need a headshot. Nowadays colleges and universities not only expect their potential performance arts majors to audition, but they also want to see a good headshot along with their application. College theater programs like Pace University, University of Michigan,  or locally Catholic University and Tisch School of the Arts, NYU are extremely competitive. Why not get a leg up on that competition by making sure your performing arts major headshot and college application meets those guidelines?

headshots for performance arts majors
performing arts major headshot 8x10

The standard industry size for an actor headshot is 8x10 inches. Modern digital cameras size images at 8x12. So as you can see, a little must be taken off the top and bottom of the image for correct sizing. After you've made your selection I provide minor retouches and size your image at 8x10 for printing. Be sure to check your headshot submission guidelines. Not all colleges and universities have the same digital image requirements.

If you need to have printed headshots you can upload the digital image (.jpg) to a printer who specializes in actor headshot reproduction. Here are a few clients have used and recommended:

To find out more about the college auditions process check out Matthew Edwards' The College Audition Blog. And read more about the college application headshot read Matthew's article here

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Kid and Teen Headshots: What to Wear

Kid and Teen Headshots: What to Wear

If your child or teen is interested in acting, they've probably been bugging you, Mom or Dad, for some headshots. Headshots can be pricey and you want to get them right, the first time. After all, both you and your little darling need this investment to pay off! Am I right? One way to make sure that your kid's headshots get noticed is to be sure clothing choices complement your child's hair, complexion, and unique personality. Here are a few guidelines:

Stay away from patterns, stripes, slogans, and logos. It's very hard to find clothes (especially for the little ones!) that don't have some crazy, bold flower print, movie character or pithy saying. So if you must do a non-solid color, here's the right way.

I love bright colors and they work so well on littler kids. Target and Walmart are great places to find inexpensive, solid colored shirts. However, if you're not finding tops without stripes or patterns, try layering. Morgan is rock'in her bold, pink and white blouse with a matching, solid colored sweater. It's not at all distracting from her beautiful smile!

Carly looks fresh and pretty in her aquamarine top. If your child has blue or green eyes, they'll look best in colors that complement and/or match their eyes. Think of the colors of the sea. By the way, the color plum looks great on just about everyone!

Derek has light brown eyes and reddish hair. He looks great in dark gray, don't you think? A quick way to find out your child's (or your own) skin tone, is to look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. If they look blue or purple you are a "cool tone." If the veins are green or yellowish, then you are a "warm tone." I didn't check Derek's wrist for a clue, but we decided that he was indeed "cool" and colors like grey and navy, as well as black and white look great on him.

So, if you're still in doubt, check my Pinterest page here for more ideas and bring lots of clothing choices to your child's headshot session! We'll figure it when you get here:))